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With more than ten years´ experience in studying, working and living in a diverse environment, we highly understand the problems and difficulties in the process of corporate globalization, in which cultural difference shows an indispensable influence. Therefore, we are committed to helping transnational companies and their employees optimize their cross-cultural communication skills and management potentials with our professionalism for an international success.


Help our clients improve their cross-cultural communication and management potentials through our professional service.


Help our clients solve commercial problems from a cultural perspective, based on the principles of diversity and inclusion.


  • Create value for clients.
  • Professionalism & dedication.
  • Earnest, responsible and trustworthy.



Consulting and training service on cross-cultural communication and management

Our exploratory research shows that due to the sociocultural and value differences, there is a cognitive gap about leadership between oriental and occidental society. As a result, due to the lack of effective communication and cultural induction, what the company offers is not what the employees really want. Therefore, we are committed to helping these multinational companies and their employees improve their cross-cultural management potential with our professional knowledge, tools and training.

A bridge of communication between Chinese and Latin American organizations

In this respect, we serve our clients as a bridge of commercial and cultural exchange between Chinese and Latin American organizations. Our services include: pre-business visits, preliminary due diligence, companies or project localization, family placement, etc.

Translation and interpretation service among Chinese, Spanish and English

We have more than ten years´ experience in professional translation and have served many world’s top 500 companies. We are the designated service provider of many companies by means of our professionalism and responsible attitude. Our international team is available to satisfy your demand anytime.

Business Chinese and Spanish language training

Many years of overseas experience told us the difference of teaching principles and methods between Chinese and Western society, meanwhile, working in international business helped us realize the importance of dominating the language of the other party. Language is not only the precondition of all trade, but also the carrier of social value and the mode of thinking. Knowing both sides will help us achieve a win-win situation.



“I am very satisfied with my Chinese training course. I have made an incredible progress in only several classes with the help of the teacher. At the same time, I am very grateful to the company for its flexible schedule...”


–Diego Mavarez, RB Investment Group, Business Manager

"We urgently needed to translate a technical document into Chinese Mandarin and we already had a couple of bad experiences ... Fortunately we found Linacuza, who offered us the timely translation service, which was faster and better than we expected."


–Madeleine Valderrama, Altum Lab, Co-founder & Innovation Director

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